Why You Need a Walk-In Wardrobe In 2022

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Yes, many of us have an excess of clothing. And we keep trying to fit more into our old, bulging closets, which makes it hard to find clothes in the musty mess of crowded cupboards.

There is a solution, and it is a stylish walk-in wardrobe in your bedroom. Imagine not having to struggle with wire coat hangers bending under the weight of too many clothes to get to that dress or pair of trousers you want to wear.

Although the time you will save by having a walk-in closet is definitely worth the expense, there are numerous other advantages. Even if you just buy a small walk-in wardrobe, you’ll notice that your clothes are still silky from the ironing board, and there is no mildew or mustiness because there is a lot of ventilation and extra space.

We will give you five good reasons why you need to get a walk-in wardrobe.

5 Reasons Why Your Bedroom Needs a Walk-In Wardrobe

A wardrobe walk is more practical

A walk-in wardrobe can transform your life by adding order and organization to your daily routine, reducing the stress of the morning work/school routine. You can easily reach your favorite garments when you construct the closet of your dreams.

When you install a walk-in wardrobe, you have the option of adding luxury features like dressing rooms, laundry sorting, dressing spaces, and more storage. Because walk-in wardrobes have greater space, you can add a folding or ironing bench with storage underneath.

You could go all out and use the extra space as a makeup or dressing area, complete with full-length mirrors and ambient lighting. If you're thinking about refinancing, selling, or renting out your property in the future, these additions could help.

Your clothes will be safe in a walk-in wardrobe

Wardrobes require some air flow to prevent mold, mildew, and mustiness from forming, which can destroy your clothes or make them smell stale and musty. Closed wardrobe doors keep the air out, but a well-designed closet will eliminate this problem.

If your bedroom has an ensuite, the steam from the shower might become trapped in standard wardrobes and built-ins. A walk-in wardrobe, on the other hand, allows moisture to move through the bedroom and evaporate.

Your clothes will smell fresher than before if you build a walk-in closet in your home. This works well with a variety of textiles, particularly leather, which needs to breathe. Because you invested in a walk-in robe, your clothes will not be crushed on the floor and will remain smooth and fresh after ironing.

Walk-in wardrobes can save you money

You might be shocked to learn that installing a tiny walk-in wardrobe is sometimes less expensive than installing a built-in or standard design. It depends on the design, but one of the cost-cutting advantages is that the closets have no doors or cabinets.

Wardrobe doors can also be costly due to mirrors, hinges, handles, and coatings. Because many walk-ins are built into previously underused places, such as beneath the stairs, they may require less structural work.

Walk-in wardrobes can save floor space

Walk-in wardrobes don't take up as much space as traditional wardrobes do, owing to the lack of doors that swing outward. Built-ins, standard wardrobes with sliding doors, and cabinets all take up more space than a walk-in. The reason for this is that they may make use of spaces that are uneven and hence would be a waste of space if they were employed for anything else.

A walk-in wardrobe can be any shape – square, L-shaped, or slanted – and need not match the shape of sliding or hinged doors. By picking the best design for your closets, you can improve the arrangement of your bedroom and turn it into a welcoming, fashionable, and comfortable hideaway.

A walk-in wardrobe can add appeal to your home

Because they're more opulent, practical, and utilitarian than many built-ins or standard free-standing closets, walk-ins are in high demand, especially in new houses. A walk-in wardrobe is essential whether renovating or building, and it's just as crucial as your ensuite. If you're thinking about selling, a well-designed closet will increase the appeal of your house to potential buyers.

Spending a little more on a walk-in wardrobe in your master suite will increase the value of your house design if you use up some awkward space that could be used for a tiny closet. Stuffing your costly clothes and accessories into a stinky old wardrobe bursting at the seams is no way to live, no matter what you plan to do with your property.

Things you should know before getting a walk-in wardrobe

Is it necessary to have ventilation in walk-in wardrobes?

A walk-in wardrobe should have adequate ventilation to help prevent mold and mildew, as well as to create a pleasant environment in which to work. Ventilation is beneficial to the clothing as well as making the closet a pleasant place to be in and utilize.

Is it necessary to have a window in a walk-in closet?

You'll need a walk-in closet if you want to include a window in your closet design. Closer to a window, cabinets, drawers, and shelves for folded clothes or shoes are preferable to storage locations for hanging garments. At all costs, avoid hanging your garments in front of the window.

What is the best location for a walk-in wardrobe?

If you only have enough space in your main bedroom for a walk-in closet, you may always use an embedded wardrobe in one of the corners. If your bedroom and bathroom are next to each other, try putting the closet next to the bathroom so that activities run more smoothly.

How big should a walk-in closet be?

A full-size walk-in closet for two people should be at least 7 by 10 feet in size. It should ideally be 100 square feet in size, as this will allow you to have storage units on all three walls, as well as a sitting area in the center. Small walk-ins can be made in as little as 25 square feet if you desire something smaller.

What exactly is a built-in wardrobe?

Built-in wardrobes, also known as fitted wardrobes, are essentially integrated closets that have been custom-designed for your area. They are intended to fit inside your bedroom and cannot be moved once installed.In simple terms, a built-in wardrobe is a wardrobe that is built into your wall cavity and installed into the available space.


To answer the question, absolutely, if you have the extra space, walk-in wardrobes are well worth it. A walk-in wardrobe offers a level of luxury and convenience that no other storage choice can match. However, it is important to choose a walk-in wardrobe system that fits in with your way of life.

The walk-in wardrobe is a dream shared by both men and women, as it allows you to maximize the amount of space available in the sleeping area.

Simply carve off a part of the wall large enough to house a walk-in wardrobe inside the bedroom. It all comes down to how big the space is, as well as how the doors and windows are arranged.

As a substantial investment, not only in terms of money but also, and notably, in terms of space within one’s own house, our suggestion is to consult an expert before trying dangerous acts!

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