Criminal Defence Lawyer – How To Get Help For Your Court Case In Singapore

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Singapore is a wonderful destination full of opportunity, but if you find yourself facing criminal charges, it may not feel that way. The whole process can be taxing emotionally, not to mention hard on both time and money. To help your case, it can be essential to find a good criminal defence lawyer.

What makes a good professional criminal defence lawyer in Singapore?

While each firm will essentially be the same in terms of both niche and education, they are likely to differ as there are many services that they will be able to provide to their clients. Specialist assistance and proficiency will be some of the most important assets of any lawyer and will be crucial when determining whether or not they can help you.

If you find yourself in a position where you need defending in a legal capacity for criminal matters, it can be important to take a look at the credentials of a few providers before making a decision to hire. You may want to consider how long they have been in business, if they have a good client rapport, what types of offences they defend against, and more.

Additionally, you should always find a licensed lawyer. There are several different types of licence and registration; from Singapore Law Practice, to Formal Law Alliance. To find out more about what each kind means, the Ministry of Law has all the information you’ll need.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the best criminal defence lawyer in Singapore?

There are plenty of different criminal defence lawyers and firms across Singapore, many of which will work to get the desired result from your case. To have your rights and freedom fully protected however, you might want to ensure that you hire nothing short of the best.

Since there are quite a few good, qualified lawyers available, each with their own services, rates, etc. to bear in mind, it can be hard to choose just one; especially when you consider that everyone looking for assistance will have differing needs. The most important thing to remember when looking for the best provider is what they can offer you and your specific case.

What do criminal defence lawyers do?

There’s a lot that the services and expertise of a professional criminal defence lawyer can encompass. The criminal justice system is complicated, and the job of a defence attorney is to guide you through your journey, as well as serve as a protector and confidant as your case proceeds.

Whether private or court-appointed, these individuals will do some research and investigate the case against their clients, as well as try to negotiate a deal with the prosecutors (ranging from reduced charges to shorter sentences). Their ability to discuss terms can and will have an impact on the success of your trial, so be sure to hire professionals who drive a hard bargain.

When do I hire a criminal defence lawyer?

If you’re facing a more serious allegation, it can be important to have an attorney as soon as possible after being released from arrest. It will be worthwhile to get in touch with a legal expert as quickly as you can, to safeguard both yourself and your situation.

How much are the charges of a criminal defence lawyer?

In Singapore, criminal law is generally a high-volume yet low margin service, meaning that the fees tend to be affordable, but cheaper companies are likely to be worth their pay (i.e. low costs = poorer levels of assistance). For this reason, it’s often best to take the time to look around at the available options and be aware of the risks that can come with prices that seem too good to be true.

In most cases, you’ll find that payment options like fixed fees, hourly billing and capped fee arrangements are rare, and the quote will be largely based on whether you Plead Guilty or Claim Trial.

I’ve been charged or arrested, when can I call on my lawyer?

You have the right to remain silent, as well as the right to an attorney. In most situations, it’s best to wait until you’re represented by a lawyer before talking. There are a lot of things that you should be aware of if you find yourself being prosecuted in Singapore; for example, it’s important that you don’t use force, even if the arrest isn’t based on legal grounds.

Whatever the situation is, it’s always best to sit tight and wait until you have an attorney on your side to defend you.

Just how important is it to have a criminal defence lawyer?

As you may be able to tell after reading through this article, there are quite a few reasons why it can be a necessity to have a good lawyer on your side.
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