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Why You Should Utilize SEO In Singapore

Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated to SEO, is something that you are sure to have heard of if you have an online business, or even a website for a physical business. If you want to get as many people in Singapore and across the globe to see what you have to offer, you’re going to need to make use of SEO-based strategies.

It can be vital to any company’s survival on the internet and help to draw in far more visitors. Whether you want to gain more interest in certain areas (ideal for those specifically targeting people in Singapore), or reach a broader audience; SEO could be ideal for your needs.

When you also consider the fact that even more people are going online now (with 82% of the population in Singapore using the internet on a daily basis), it’s hard to overlook the fact that this could be the perfect time to start an online business, or even give an existing company a boost to grab the attention of more potential clients and customers.

First, here are some of the key things that separate a professional jewellery store from a lower-end one:

What Is Best SEO?

Before anything else, let’s take a quick look at what this form of optimization is and why so many businesses in Singapore (and around the world) take advantage of it to gain more traction on their websites. Here’s a short explanation of the different things that make SEO such a powerful tool:

Quantity of traffic – One of the most notable benefits is that you’re likely to gain far more website visits once you’re implementing search optimization tactics into your business strategy. Of course, quantity is far from the only thing you’ll need to generate more sales, but it’s certainly a key factor in becoming more successful and making more profit.

Quality of traffic – You could attract visitors from across the globe, but it’s important to consider that if you’re not offering what the individual wants, you’re not likely to get anything from them. Quality traffic is gaining the attention of the people who will actually be interested in what you can give, and this is another vital benefit of using search engine optimization. From gaining a larger audience in Singapore, to attracting more people who are interested in your services or products; SEO can help. 

Organic results – For those who don’t know, organic traffic is basically any unpaid traffic that comes from search engine results pages (commonly known as SERPs). While adverts do tend to take some space from SERPs and will be placed higher than your website if you’re only using SEO, it’s often far less affordable and in general, those who are within the top few results are still likely to gain a lot of traction regardless (if not the same amount as adverts).

To put it simply, SEO can be used to increase both the quantity and quality of the traffic your website receives – and if you think about it, what business in Singapore (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), wouldn’t benefit from this?

Why Is Singapore SEO Important?

The answer to this question may seem fairly obvious once you have an understanding of what search engine optimization is – but in most cases, there are a number of other reasons why your website needs to make use of this strategy if you want to get the most visitors possible.

Here are some of the many advantages that can come with using SEO for online companies in Singapore:

SEO can be important for other aspects of a business

While most individuals in Singapore use search engine optimization in order to rank higher in search results, there is another key reason why you need it for your business. Often, good SEO practices can lead to a better website overall, generally improving user experience, offering more content and information to potential buyers/clients and the overall usability of your site.

People tend to visit sites that are higher up on the list of results

Over 65% of individuals who use search engines are more likely to click on one of the first 5 suggestions – and this isn’t just in Singapore, but across the globe. Generally, the best way to take advantage of this is to either pay for adverts or use SEO strategies to grab one of the top positions on the search engine results pages.

Finding the right people

SEO works so well because of keywords. Finding the right search terms and using them is what allows you to reach a larger audience and find a group that is likely to be interested in what your business has to offer. For example, something as simple as using the word “Singapore” as a keyword if you’re based in this part of Asia could help you to gain far more attention from people here, which could be a huge benefit if that’s your target audience.

SEO could help you to surpass your competition

What if there’s another business in Singapore with a website that’s selling the same thing as you are? In this instance, a good search engine optimization strategy could be exactly what you need to rank higher than them and gain more traffic. When you look at the statistics, it’s clear to see that optimized websites get more customers and sales.

How Profitable Can Search Engine Optimization Be For A Singapore Based Business?

Understanding how much extra revenue you could bring in with SEO can make a huge difference to your decision of whether or not it’ll be worth your time and money. While each business is different, optimizing a website can essentially be beneficial to anybody.

From looking at statistics, you can see that most business with a website on the first page of Google will see 90% of the overall traffic, with the 2nd page only getting 4.8% (and the numbers only decrease from there). This means that anyone on the first page is likely to get far more traction to their site and when you consider the fact that this is 90% of everyone who makes a search, the odds of getting more sales are much higher than they would be if you were any lower than page 1. As you may have guessed, this can generate a lot more profit.

Better yet, these stats are from around the world, meaning that you’ll not only be more visible to an audience in Singapore, but also to people across the globe too – which can be ideal for anyone hoping to branch out a little bit. At the same time, there’s no harm in specifically targeting an audience from Singapore, which can certainly be done with SEO.

Look At Both Your Rankings And Your ROI From SEO

When it comes to measuring your success using this strategy to take a higher spot on the SERP, it’s important to consider two things; your rankings in Singapore for appropriate searches, and your return on investment (ROI).

If your ROI isn’t as high as you would like, it might be worth taking a look at your website to see what you could change. The SEO may be working perfectly and you may be getting far more traffic, but if no one is buying, there may be something that you could do to improve your website and increase sales.

A fact that you may find interesting is that 60% of consumers in Singapore will first look online to find information – so offering some on the products or services you sell (and fitting in useful keywords to help get more eyes on your site) could give you a better return on investment. This alone could be the best SEO strategy for your business, generating a much higher profit than before.

How To Get The Best SEO In Singapore For Your Website

If you’re looking to rank as high as you can for searches relating to Singapore and what you have to offer, you’re going to need to make sure that you have the right SEO. It can certainly be possible to take care of it all by yourself, although it’s worth noting that there are several reasons why leaving it to a professional can be a wise idea.

For one, they have more experience than you do – so while you may be able to determine what keywords could be useful for your business, an expert is likely to have a broad range of other useful terms, as well as an understanding of how to use them in the best way.

SEO also takes time and effort to set up and manage. With an expert on your side, you can focus on running your business as your team works behind the scenes to keep your site optimized and bringing in new customers and clients.

With high profits and a better chance to be successful, it’s not hard to see why so many individuals in Singapore implement search engine optimization strategies into their business. Whether you’re starting a new company or want help to boost an existing one, SEO could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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