27 Best Maths Tuition Tips by Irfan Musthapa (Singapore – MOE Accredited)

At Master Maths Education Centre, we prioritize your academic success with our high-quality teaching, supportive and friendly mentors, and the right mathematical learning environment that is accessible and best tailored to today’s competitive academic needs.

At Master Maths Education Centre, the foundation of our philosophy is our academic curriculum; designed by some of the best experts in the field.

It is our commitment to giving you a unique, meaningful and challenging maths education, and the right instruction to enhance your success. In fact, our top-tier teaching is based on the highest level of academic standards from across the world.

The best teaching and assessment methodology, the most highly acclaimed learning outcomes and a broad range of maths and analytical challenges shape your learning experience and support your growth and success.

It is crucial to understand that mathematics is a logical and methodical subject. It requires a person to think in a certain way and develop a mindset that allows one to approach problems in the best, most efficient manner.

While most people can learn the basics of mathematics, it is very important that one continues to hone their mathematical abilities as they progress through school and even into university.

Importance of Mathematics In Singapore

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Our world today is becoming more and more quantitative in its nature, which means that a good grounding in the basics of mathematics will serve an individual well in any field they pursue.

In a nutshell, having a good command of mathematics is an essential life skill that will allow you to better navigate the complexities of life and will put you ahead of others who have not received such an education.

Touching many aspects of our daily existence, mathematics is used in the sciences to describe the natural world; in engineering to analyze and design systems, in computer science to create software and games, in physics to apply fundamental knowledge of the physical universe, in medicine to better understand human nature, and in Space Science to understand our cosmos and explore extra-terrestrial life and phenomena.

But it all boils down to two factors – an aspiration to learn mathematics and guidance from mentors.

Singaporean students are known to be intelligent and hard-working. Still, many of them struggle with their school math classes. Whether it’s due to issues in the classroom environment or a lack of understanding of certain areas, a good math tutor will often be able to help.

If you’re a student wanting to excel in mathematics or a concerned parent who wants to help your child overcome his or her math learning struggles, a professional math tutor in Singapore may be just what you need.

Singapore has the best maths tutors and schools to provide students with good math tuition, along with a lot of resources to help them learn, develop critical thinking skills and manage to be confident in their mathematical abilities.

Students have the option to learn at their own pace and get the attention they need, which is especially beneficial for slower learners.

It is highly recommended that parents look for the best private tuition in Singapore to give their children an edge over their peers. It has been proven that private tuition can greatly benefit a child’s learning experience and help them perform better on their math subjects.

Enlisted are advantages to taking Maths Tuition in Singapore:

  1. A professional math teacher can help his or her student acquire a good foundation in mathematics, which will open many doors for them both while in school and after graduation
  2. A qualification in a mathematical subject provides a solid foundation for further academic study and research at degree level and beyond
  3. The ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills is in demand by employers in all sectors of the economy
  4. The study of mathematics develops logical thinking and reasoning skills, which are of value in all spheres of life
  5. Studying mathematics can help develop your intellectual abilities and can be mentally fulfilling in its own right
  6. Many students take up further study in mathematics after graduating from school and find it relatively easy if their foundation is strong
  7. Mathematics has several real-world applications; ranging from a better understanding of mortgage rates and percentages, to computer technology
  8. There are several transferable skills that can be learned through mathematics, such as critical thinking, time management and data analysis
  9. The chance to drastically strengthen a student’s understanding in one of the most important subjects, both in school and in the real world
  10. Mathematics plays an important role in brain development and analytical skills, which is highly desired by employers
  11. Mathematics was essential to some of history’s most exceptional scientists; from Isaac Newtown, to Albert Einstein
  12. An individual and unique learning experience that you’re unlikely to get in an ordinary classroom setting
  13. It teaches students to how to deal with challenges in a more positive manner
  14. Mathematical techniques change over the years, which is why having a trained math tutor can be useful for a variety of students
  15. Math tuition with a professional can offer students a more flexible and personalised experience
  16. In the modern world, mathematicians are solving some of the biggest and most complex problems (both old and new)
  17. Many students find that they grasp a better understanding of the subject overall, rather than just getting the answers
  18. Much like the point above, this also works well with identifying problem areas and addressing subjects that a student struggles with
  19. The knowledge and skills you develop in mathematics can help you to find success in a variety of careers
  20. In fact, almost every career utilises math in some way – even just to interpret a pay check and make a budget
  21. Meeting with a math tutor online can be both easy and fairly inexpensive, which is why they’re well worth considering
  22. Most students see an improvement in their exam results, as well as their general performance in class
  23. Mathematics is the universal language, meaning that it can be taught and used in a variety of cultures, countries and languages
  24. The opportunity to learn new methods of solving mathematical problems; ones that you may not even learn in school
  25. Skills like working systematically, visualising, working backwards and more can be learned through mathematics
  26. Even simple things in life, like quick mental math and shopping for a good deal, require at least some mathematical knowledge
  27. A degree in mathematics is a professional pathway for individuals who want to be able to find solutions to real-world problems

Mathematics is a very important tool that empowers an individual to think about all aspects of life; from the smallest organisms, to the largest galaxies. Mathematics brings perspective and insight to any academic discipline.

By taking Maths Tuition in Singapore, students have a better opportunity to: develop critical thinking, to make analytical and logical judgments, to best understand complex and non-abstract concepts, as well as much more. As mentioned above, all of these are crucial to everyday life and success in the modern world – which is why math tuition can be so fundamentally important for many students.


Math tuition in Singapore is easily accessible and can be found at various centres and schools in the city, which is ideal for students in the area looking for a tutor to further their mathematical capabilities. Better yet, with the help of the internet, you can quickly and easily scan through the many options to find out which ones will be most suitable for your needs. This makes life all the more easier for students in Singapore looking for maths tuition.

Not only that, but there are also a number of online math tutors too, offering an even broader scope of professional math tuition to choose from. Both physical and online classes can be excellent for a student, although there are a number of varying aspects between the two that can make a difference to the experience.

The solution to this? Consider some of the benefits of both online and in-person math tutoring in Singapore, to get a better understanding of what each one has to offer. This way, you can make a better informed decision that’ll ultimately benefit you.

Some individuals will find that online tuition is more cost-effective, flexible and teaches self-discipline, where others may find that physical tutors can provide a more structured and involved learning experience. Ultimately, choosing the right one will often come down to personal preference.

If you do decide to take your search to the internet, either for online or in-person tutors, be sure to:

  • Have some goals in mind and set some realistic expectations
  • Ask a lot of questions beforehand to get a better idea of what’s on offer
  • Carefully consider their expertise, qualifications and experience
  • When looking for online tutors, choose a platform that’s best for you
  • When looking for tuition in person, start your search for tutors in your area

PSLE, N level and O levels

Take advantage of proven Maths tuition in Singapore from the very beginning to get a competitive edge over your peers.

Starting from Maths tuition in Singapore can help primary school students to successfully tackle PSLE, which is a national examination in Singapore. PSLE is held annually for students who wish to pursue their secondary education.

It is a standardized test that aims to assess the aptitude and academic abilities of students who are in their last year of primary school.

The examination board is the Singapore Ministry of Education, and the syllabus encompasses several subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

The PSLE determines the secondary schools that students will be admitted to, and this plays a very important role in the lives of students as they can choose to attend either a government or a private school.

The nation’s best students and scholars have come from both the government funded schools and private schools.

Then comes O Level Maths or Cambridge O Level Mathematics, which stands for Cambridge Ordinary Level.

O Level Maths is a qualification that is carried out by examination by the University of Cambridge in the U.K. The O-level examinations are set and marked by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). They were previously known as Cambridge Pre-U examinations and makes for one of the best academic standards in the world.

This examination board was established in 1858, and this makes it one of the oldest among its kind in the world.

The O-level examination is designed to test students in their knowledge of the basics of mathematics, and the syllabus encompasses several topics, including data handling, number, algebra, measures, statistics, and geometry.

By taking Maths Tuition in Singapore, you can develop the necessary knowledge and proficiency to tackle O Level Maths and achieve your best goals.

N Level Maths or Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Normal Level is another examination is, yet another annually held national examination that students can prepare themselves for with assistance from Maths Tuition in Singapore.

N Level Maths is an important stepping stone for students who wish to pursue a degree in the sciences. It is part of the Cambridge Assessment syllabus, and it is accepted in many universities both in Singapore and abroad.

Take Action Now – Get Better Results For Your Maths Exams

Maths tuition in Singapore can assist students though many of the best facets of mathematics, which is a prerequisite for many higher levels of education.

With assistance from maths tuition, students are able to prepare themselves to pursue higher education in Singapore and achieve their aspirations and dreams.

Contact us today to begin enrolling in our mathematics tutoring program in Singapore.